2014 Investment Ideas

Author: admin | Date: October 3, 2015

The New Year 2014 is around the Corner !

It is the time of the year when we try to analyze how our year went and how we can improve the coming year.

The same fund applies to our investments.

I am sure by now you would be searching for the best investment options available for the year 2014, the ones which could fetch you good returns in the year 2014.

Investment Ideas for Year 2014 :

1. Stock Market :

Currently, although Indian Stock Markets have made a new all-time high, almost all stocks are at their lowest, and hence it is a good time to invest especially for long term. The only cause of concern is the state of Indian economy and the fate of upcoming Lok Sabha elections. So the best strategy for short to medium term investors could be wait and watch. And hit the deal when you find a good chance.

Either invest directly in equities or you can do it via Mutual Fund Route via SIP.

2. Debts, Bank deposits etc.:

The safest among all investment options available. If you don’t have enough money to invest in Stock Market or you are not willing to take the risks involved in Stock Market then Debts and Bank deposits are the best options for you.

3. Gold, Silver etc.:

The world economy is slowly improving, so don’t expect fireworks in gold like before. But one thing is for sure that slowly and steadily gold prices keep on rising.

Buying gold is not good for the nation as it increases our import bill and increases our trade deficit, but on personal basis you an buy some gold regularly from your savings. Helps in long term.

4. Real Estate:

If you can afford a estate than you are really rich. Well this is always the best investment option available, but its something that all cannot afford. if you can afford go for real estate investment in Tier 2 cities where the pace of development is more.

5. Painting, antique collection:

In India, it is largely considered to be a High society stuff, still you can give a try.

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